Sumit Yadav


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Form Exploration

Form exploration using AutoCAD 3D. The form was developed into a physical model representing balance and security.


Lamp design inspired from Hermit Crab. Physical attributes like the form and texture of a Hermit Crab abstracted to Hermit Lamp.

Cup Design Exploration

Product design through quick ideation, the product: a cup was inspired from nature, giving it a form of a folded leaf, depicting purity.

Kirana Card Game

The project aims to improve the Cognitive calculation skill of students at the foundation level, thus came up with the engaging card game which compels to practice mathematical calculations with fun and interest.

Wrist Prime

This project aims to design the amazon prime video app for apple watches with the incorporation of various gestures.

Rumour Mill

The intent was to make players aware of how easy it is to create rumours and fake news. As a group project, we came up with a multiplayer game where people have to create rumours and correctly identify rumours created by other users to earn points.


Entry for the logo design competition for India post payment bank.

SAI Logo

Entry for the logo design competition for the Sports Authority of India. The logo incorporates an abbreviation SAI as a cycle rider depicting Strategy, Framework, and Integrity of the authority through its design.

Footwear mud cleaner

During the rainy season when our footwear holds sticky mud, our conventional doormat fails to remove it properly, which creates a mess on the interior floor. The doormat also gets very dirty in single-use. So the project aimed to find the solution to remove mud from our footwear during the rainy season.