Kamlesh Gajbhiye

Email: kamlesh.bouddh@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 90005 45049

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Night Lamp

The idea was to Design the lamp using Eagle as a Metaphor.

Incense Stick Holder

The idea was to design Incense Stick Holder(product) for Fighter pilot(user) taking inspiration from snake(Black Mamba)

Terracotta Lamp

This project was based on Pottery craft. The idea was to develop urban product using pottery methods, so that pottery craft can be uplifted.

Redesigning of paper bag for daily Grocery

The project describes the exploration of existing and proposed designs which carries the factor of load barring capacity, material exploration, joinery details etc.


The product is a bird feeder at the same time it is home for them.It can be hanged on tree branches, placed into balcony or mount on the wall.It is only terracotta based product, derived from potter’s wheel based design.

Form Development

Form exploration using software AutoCAD 3D. The form was developed into a physical model.