Kavya Kulshreshtha

Email: ar.kavyakulshreshtha@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 96542 34630

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Slashing Throwaways

This project seeks to work towards the unacceptable scenario of ever-increasing landfill. It’s one of the leading causes being single time use of a product before its disposal.

Re-learning Puberty

Minimizing Period-Shaming by designing a communication medium for stakeholders in Urban Schools to encourage discussion on menstruation.

Kadam: A step towards Intergenerational Bonding

Kadam is an interactive platform designed with the motive of reducing the inter-generational gaps by facilitating increased interaction between Active Elderly and Youth.

Women of Bairagarh

A Coffee Table book documenting Women of Bairagarh from different spheres of life.

Basics of Design

A module on Elements & Principles of Design and Gestalt Principles through photography of fork.

RIDE: SPA Traveling Online App.

Students at SPAB face issues in commuting from College campus to City and coming back. The private services available for college students ends up being too expensive for them. The idea was to design a traveling system to resolve this problem.

Logo Design

This project aims to design a Type based logo for a Post Company named “Khat Postal Services”.

Wynk Music Interface for Apple Watch

Apple watch interface design with various gestures to operate the Wynk Music application.

Kids' Storybook

Story Book Design for children of 4 to 6 years of age. Storyboards were handcrafted using waste paper cut and paste.