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Flexible packaging design

The Plastic pillow bag packaging is the most common type of flexible packaging in use today. Acknowledged difficulties in opening plastic pillow bag packaging using human effort. Thereafter solving problems with small design intervention.

"Drudgery" in manual handling of Cement Sacks

A study is done on labors to see How drudgery involve in manual handling of cement goods. A warehouse of cement goods is chosen as a place for study where it has found that high no of user are involving in the activity.

Design of Food delivery Cart for hospital

Project is done to design a food delivery cart for hospital to enhance the food delivery experience and ease of working.

Design of E-bicycle service for Peri Urban and Rural areas

Master's Thesis project

Farming as a service: A labor service for Agriculture

An app based service for providing agricultural labor in the area of Bhopal

Redesign Hair Brush

Hair brush are made for different purposes. There are huge variety of brushes available in the market. Every brush is made to cater a need. but it is a tedious job to remove tangled hair from Paddle brush bristles. so Redesigning is done to make it more convenient to use and after use.

Ergo-Pincer IS : 4095

PINCER is a tool majorly use for carpenter’s work. It is use as removing nail from the surface and it is also use as pincher, cutter, gripper. A study is done to redesign it more Ergonomically.


The project was to derive forms out of a given pattern and to depict an emotion 'hope'. The final product came out as a lamp which represents hope.

Pavitra patra

Studied various beliefs and traps of the society and brainstormed situations in which leftover pooja waste is generated. Brainstorm some concepts which can solve the waste problem without compromising the beliefs of the society.