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A glimpse of Project 04

A glimpse of Health Passport

A glimpse of project Park_S

Design of a self-measuring fitness tool for a gymnasium of a higher educational institute.
Type exploration for design of a new typeface for 'Tirhuta' ('Mithilakshar')script which is used to write 'Maithili' Language.
Photo-Documentation of Bhimbetika Rock Shelter and creation of coffee table book.
Communication and Cognition is one of the subject in second semester. Explorations were done in terms of Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Gestalt Law of visual perception, Recall, Recollect and Remember, Schema of an Image, Selective attention, Synergy, Golden ratio, Poster design applying concepts learned, etc. The work was compiled in a form of a booklet. Presenting the Basics of Visual Design.
Uncertainty in finding a parking space in city is common. A prototype was designed to get a real time feedback on parking availability. IR sensors connected with Arduino board were used to make this prototype. This was a group assignment. I was involved in design ideation, circuit design, Coding and presentation.
Bairagarh is a place in Bhopal. Combining the inputs from Cultural Communication and Advance typography these type explorations were made to capture the essence of Bairagarh.