Harsh Chandra

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Healthcare - Ergomop

Ergomop is a ergonomic design for fine cleaning experience with a user friendly and dynamic form it allows user to do the job without ache.

Healthcare - ESSE

Ear Cleaning tool to overcome health hazards of self cleaning of ears. An intuitive and self guiding tool.

Mobility - Redefining Seating

Explored the way we sit in a city bus to have a better experience of our journey within the chaotic city life.

Urban mobility service system and perception of commuters

A case study of Bhopal to asses the thought process among individuals as per their willingness towards predefined made choice variables for Urban mobility Services.

Product services and system - Workshop Services

To examine the current scenario of physical connectivity of applied R&D. A case study of Bhopal is done to understand the scenarios.

Design through behavioral change

A Study on Consumer Buying Behavior towards selected FMCG. Mostly shows positive emotions on packaging utility, resulting a need of utility packaging which can be used by end users according to their use.

Ecosystem - Repairing Workstation

Ergonomically resolved workstation for watch repairing street vendor. Who needs a portable and mobile podium to work in worse conditions.

Product Semantics - Hope

A pattern sheet is given from which shapes have to be developed with the emotion given i.e. HOPE. Eventually how hope is seen as a product.

Product Semantics - Trio Pen

Trio pen solves the tedious use of adhesive tubes for detailed/precise work by providing dedicated heads to apply adhesive purposely.