Priyatapa Ghosh


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Terracotta lighting

The aim and objective was to explore the pottery craft by implementation of pottery in urban context and to study the style of the tribal clusters of Shahpura, Madhya Pradesh and use the same to create a way for them towards a better market.

Sportsable : A digital platform disabled athletes

Today, individuals with an incapacity having the capacity to participate in game and physical action aren’t so extraordinary. But these disabled athletes lack access to standards in sports. Sportsable is a ui ux based platform where these special athletes can overcome the said laggings without being dependent on any individual.

Metaphor and object- Nailcutter

The aim was to recognise the character traits of a lion and a scuba diver and design a nailcutter for the scuba diver keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the personality.

Exercising tool for arthritis patients

The arthritis patients undergo chronic pains while doing any activity. Some set of prescribed exercises helps them to reduce the pain and also delay the stages. This exercising tool will help the patient to do those exercises in the pre and also post operation period .

Inshorts for Apple watch

Inshorts in apple watch will provide the user with instant, most popular, trending and other news in the form of headlines and briefs and also options the user with bookmarking it so as to review in future.

Form development

A form was developed portraying vigor and aggression as a concept.

Mindster : Game Design for visually impaired children

The visually impaired kids are a very marginalized section of the society who are underestimated and are not considered equal to the sighted kids. Mindster is a game that brings about inclusivity of these kids with sighted ones so as to bring them together and also help them become contributing members of the society.