Raina Singh

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Chawal Gaatha

This projects is to create awareness about Indigenous Rice crops of India, with Babulal Dahiya through Narrative research methodology creating a visual language inspired from Gond art and Kirigami technique.

Visual Alankar

This project is to highlight link between Graphic design and Hindi Figure of Speech (Alankar), trying to evolve a design vocabulary rooted in Indian Knowledge, explored through the visual langiage of Madhubani Paintings of India.

Rogan Art

Promotion of "Rogan Art" through visual communication Forms. The Collection of Posters, Brochures and a Book were created for NGOs.

Newsletter Design

The exercise includes exploring different aspects of newspaper design using Indesign software.


A A6 Booklet about famous Typographer Lucas de Groot. This contains a glimpse about the typographer and his designed fonts.

Design Principles Book

A book designed explaining design principles using Hindi akshar "Dha" in a design language of doodling.

Three Fishes

A story book on Seperation and Isolation for kids. Visual Language of Pattern background is introduced in the story.


The aim was to design a Terracotta product range with the artisans of Betul region in Madhya pradesh in a time period of 10 days.

Cheti Chand

A photo booklet showing the spirit of Cheti Chand Festival among the Sindhi Community in Bairagarh, MP.

Poster Design

A3 size Poster designed by using two colours only for design exhibition exhibition.

Poster Design

Type based poster using Myriad pro. Highlights of the font is being used in the poster to show the uniqueness of the font.

Poster Design

Type based poster.