Rahul Kumar

Email: rahulsuku3@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 81034 41033

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Dustbin for Indian Railways

The project aims to resolve littering behavior and storage of dustbin in the sleeper coach of Indian Railways

Poster for Mumbai Dabbawala

The poster showcases the Mumbai Dabbawalas; the tiffin service that forms the life line of Mumbai.

Terracotta Jewelry

The Craft Project aimed to study Betul terracotta craft to come up with a product range.

Form Exploration

Form was developed with certain values from a pair of 2 D section using one basic function in 3 D software.

Paytm for Apple Watch

Paytm application for Apple Watch for hassle free digital payment with incorporating gesture and voice controls.

Mobile Phone Checking Behavior

The project aims to study impact of the reckless checking of mobile phones by students in classrooms.